Most people prefer to take a taxi for a long trip to avoid the travel burden and responsibility.  They would rather enjoy the scenic views than manoeuvring the congested road conditions. Driving in adverse weather conditions is also a tricky business best left to professional taxi drivers.

But before you climb into your taxi for a long trip, here are the things to check beforehand.

What are the things to check for in a taxi before a long trip?

Driver & Vehicle Agency

The first thing to ascertain before your long trip is the credibility of the driver and vehicle agency. Check out the online reviews and ratings of the taxi company. Ask them for the driver details and check his background. See what others have to say about the driver’s behaviour,  driving expertise, etc.

Vehicle types

Check out what vehicle types the taxi company offers for long trips. Would you like a Minibus, Jeep, or a compact SUV? Try to take a slow-moving vehicle if you have elders with you or you are going on a mountain route.

Vehicle Routes

Before you embark on your long trip, check out the various route options. Also make sure your driver knows all the paths, lanes, and crossings to follow for shortcuts.

Maximum Speed Limit

Know what is the maximum speed limit your driver should adhere to while going on the trip. In the UK, all motor vehicles should stick to a speed of 70 mph on the motorways. The same is the maximum speed on a two-lane dual carriageway. For a single carriageway,  they can go only up to 60mph. In areas with street lights, the maximum speed is only 30mph.

The speed limit also changes depending on the type of vehicle. If your private hire vehicle is a van, it has to drive at a 10mph lesser speed than other cars.

Airport transfer or pickup

Does your taxi company offer airport transfers?  If they do, it will cut short your journey times as they can pick you up straight from the airport and take you on the trip. Else, you might have to take multiple taxis.

Taxi fares

Before you book the taxicab, check out the typical fares for taxis in the area for long trips. See if your taxi company can give you the best fares at competitive pricing. Does the company accept payment through debit cards or credit cards? Is there a concessionary travel pricing for long trips? Does your taxi company have a membership card with discounts?

Customer service

Does your taxi company have 24×7 operational times? Does it have a hotline to contact in case of emergency?  Does it offer online booking through an app? Does it collect your review through a feedback form?  Check out all these details before you choose your taxi provider.

Essential travel amenities

Does your taxi service have all the essential travel amenities needed for a long trip? These might include spares like extra tyres,  brake pads, etc. Safety kit, first aid box, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher etc are the items of sustainable travel practices that a taxi must-have. Other than this, normal travel facilities like child seats, wheelchairs, etc are a must while travelling with children and adults

Travel guidance tips for a long trip

When you ride the taxi, keep your valuables like wallet, tech gadgets, etc close to you. Only keep the mobile phone in hand. Keep the windows almost closed with only a slit open. Never travel if you or your driver is drunk. Start well ahead and follow the taxi route on GPS. Sit in the backseat and check the door and window controls. Pay by card to avoid any money transaction. Always have a local number to call for an emergency.

For a long trip,  so many things have to be planned. But the most important is the taxi you hire. Choose the right Southampton taxi service for a long trip after checking out if they match the above criteria. Have a pleasant trip from the folks at My Chauffeur Hampshire.