8 Things to Check Before Climbing onto the Taxi for a Long Trip

8 Things to Check Before Climbing onto the Taxi for a Long Trip

Most people prefer to take a taxi for a long trip to avoid the travel burden and responsibility.  They would rather enjoy the scenic views than manoeuvring the congested road conditions. Driving in adverse weather conditions is also a tricky business best left to professional taxi drivers.

But before you climb into your taxi for a long trip, here are the things to check beforehand.

What are the things to check for in a taxi before a long trip?

Driver & Vehicle Agency

The first thing to ascertain before your long trip is the credibility of the driver and vehicle agency. Check out the online reviews and ratings of the taxi company. Ask them for the driver details and check his background. See what others have to say about the driver’s behaviour,  driving expertise, etc.

Vehicle types

Check out what vehicle types the taxi company offers for long trips. Would you like a Minibus, Jeep, or a compact SUV? Try to take a slow-moving vehicle if you have elders with you or you are going on a mountain route.

Vehicle Routes

Before you embark on your long trip, check out the various route options. Also make sure your driver knows all the paths, lanes, and crossings to follow for shortcuts.

Maximum Speed Limit

Know what is the maximum speed limit your driver should adhere to while going on the trip. In the UK, all motor vehicles should stick to a speed of 70 mph on the motorways. The same is the maximum speed on a two-lane dual carriageway. For a single carriageway,  they can go only up to 60mph. In areas with street lights, the maximum speed is only 30mph.

The speed limit also changes depending on the type of vehicle. If your private hire vehicle is a van, it has to drive at a 10mph lesser speed than other cars.

Airport transfer or pickup

Does your taxi company offer airport transfers?  If they do, it will cut short your journey times as they can pick you up straight from the airport and take you on the trip. Else, you might have to take multiple taxis.

Taxi fares

Before you book the taxicab, check out the typical fares for taxis in the area for long trips. See if your taxi company can give you the best fares at competitive pricing. Does the company accept payment through debit cards or credit cards? Is there a concessionary travel pricing for long trips? Does your taxi company have a membership card with discounts?

Customer service

Does your taxi company have 24×7 operational times? Does it have a hotline to contact in case of emergency?  Does it offer online booking through an app? Does it collect your review through a feedback form?  Check out all these details before you choose your taxi provider.

Essential travel amenities

Does your taxi service have all the essential travel amenities needed for a long trip? These might include spares like extra tyres,  brake pads, etc. Safety kit, first aid box, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher etc are the items of sustainable travel practices that a taxi must-have. Other than this, normal travel facilities like child seats, wheelchairs, etc are a must while travelling with children and adults

Travel guidance tips for a long trip

When you ride the taxi, keep your valuables like wallet, tech gadgets, etc close to you. Only keep the mobile phone in hand. Keep the windows almost closed with only a slit open. Never travel if you or your driver is drunk. Start well ahead and follow the taxi route on GPS. Sit in the backseat and check the door and window controls. Pay by card to avoid any money transaction. Always have a local number to call for an emergency.

For a long trip,  so many things have to be planned. But the most important is the taxi you hire. Choose the right Southampton taxi service for a long trip after checking out if they match the above criteria. Have a pleasant trip from the folks at My Chauffeur Hampshire. 


Top 10 Things to do in Southampton

Top 10 Things to do in Southampton

Southampton is a coastal city with many a tale to tell. From being the departure point of the famous HMS Titanic to being the hometown of Jane Austen, Southampton has many historic locations to visit and fun things to do.

Top 10 places to visit in Southampton city

SeaCity Museum

In 2012, this museum opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the HMS Titanic’s departure from Southampton. The main highlights of the SeaCity Museum are the Titanic story and the 1-ton replica of HMS Queen Mary. The other famous attraction is the Gateway to the World that documents the rich history of this port town.

Tudor House

Located on Bugle Street, in St. Michael’s Square, this archaic building dates back to the 15th century. This restored house showcases the artefacts and jewellery of the Edwardian era.

Southampton City walls

Take a long walk around the Medieval Walls of this port town. These Southampton Town Walls date to the 14th century. As you walk along these historic walls, you will reach the Mayflower Park with its Memorial to the pilgrim fathers.


This historic gate marks the entrance to the Old Town of Southampton. This 800-year-old gate built of flint and limestone dates back to the 12th century. Its Gothic arches and lancet windows are worth a click along with King George’s statue at the centre. Be sure to read the metal plaques that mark the path from Bargate to the Town Quay. These plaques bear mention of the town’s connection with great personalities like William the Conqueror, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, etc.

Southampton City Art Gallery

At a 20 minute distance from the cruise terminal is this art gallery. It houses the paintings of great Impressionists and modern artists.

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu

You have much to do at the Beaulieu Motor Museum. Feast your eyes on the 250+ vehicles displayed here. Do not miss the 50 legendary Bond vehicles used by Detective 007 in his movies.

Wander about the beautiful gardens and explore the Palace House with its Victorian curios. Tour the Beaulieu Abbey by riding its monorail. Catch a glimpse of its monastic murals of this Cistercian Abbey.

Solent Sky Museum

If you are an aircraft aficionado, do not miss this one. The Solent Sky Museum has a fabulous collection of aeroplanes and fighter aircraft including the famous Spitfire of WWII fame.

Ocean Village

To the east of Old Town lies the Princess Alexandra Docks, now converted into a major shopping centre. Here in the harbour before Canute’s Pavilion, you can see luxury yachts with fancy boutiques, gourmet bistros, cinemas, pin bowling alleys, etc. Take boat trips or cruise excursions from the Eastern docks of the Ocean Village

New Forest Park

Just 10 miles from Southampton is this scenic National Park which is the largest in the UK. Its beautiful scenery is dotted with beech, elm, and cedar. This park is heaven for travel bloggers and cyclists.

Netley Abbey

The historic ruins of Netley Abbey have inspired many great painters like John Constable. This is the seat of training for Sherlock Holmes’s friend, Dr Watson.  Nearby is the Royal Victoria Country Park with its shingle beach.

Fun Things to do at Southampton

Follow the Titanic trail

One way to understand the bond between Southampton and the Titanic is to walk the Titanic Trail. Download the map from the SeaCity Museum website and walk on. At East Park, you will find the majestic granite Titanic Engineers Memorial and also the Titanic Musicians Memorial close by.

Take the Hythe Ferry

Cruise the Southampton waters by taking the Hythe Ferry. Board the world’s oldest pier train on the Hythe Pier. Hop off at Hythe village to explore New Forest Park.

Have a family day outing at Manor Farm Country Park

Enjoy the rural setting at this Victorian farm on the West Bank of River Hamble. Watch chicken, pigs, sheep, and cattle roam about the Manor Farm Country Park. Get fascinating insights into pastoral life and farm activities like milking, sheep shearing, etc.

Watch an opera at Mayflower Theatre. Go picnicking at Southampton Commons. Shop at West Quay mall for big brands like John Lewis or buy at a bargain at the outlets near Gunwharf Quays.

Take a day trip and make an exciting escape to Southampton. Hire a reliable Southampton taxi service from My Chauffeur Hampshire to chauffeur you around this scenic paradise.



How to Travel with Pets in the UK?

How to Travel with Pets in the UK?

For pet lovers, pets are family and who would dare to leave these loved ones behind while going on a trip? For pet lovers, even thinking of this is sacrilege.

But if you want to travel with your pet animal to the United Kingdom, you are most welcome but with some pet checks. Let us check out what entry requirements we have to adhere to, to carry our cutie pies along to the UK.

What are the conditions for pet travel to the United Kingdom?

First of all, your dear pet must arrive in the United Kingdom 5 days before or after you. Your travel must be through an approved route.

Before you travel, check with the transport companies if they accept your pet. Also, check with they need any documents like Pet Passport or Veterinary Health Certificate.

Country of departure

This decides what official travel documents you need to furnish for your pet. The countries are listed as Part 1 and Part 2. The European Union countries and some Unlisted Non-EU Countries like San Marino, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, etc.
Part 2 countries are the USA, UAE, Canada, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

Official travel documents for your pet- Pet Passport and Great Britain Pet Health Certificate

The first document you need is the Pet Passport. This is if you are travelling from a  Part 1 listed country like EU, Switzerland, Norway, etc. If your country of departure is Part 2 listed like the USA, UAE or the Russian Federation, you need a Great Britain Pet Health Certificate and not the Pet Passport. If you come from an Unlisted country, then too, you need this Certificate.

The second document is an Animal Health Certificate issued in Great Britain with a 4 monthly validity period

These documents must be original. If you are travelling from Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, these documents are not required.

For getting a Pets Passport, you need your pet’s ID proof, its primary vaccination records, and its rabies vaccination details. The passport must also include your pet’s Tapeworm Treatment details and rabies blood test results. Only if it fulfils all these entry requirements, the passport is valid.

For the Great Britain Pet Health Certificate, your pet must be in the country at least 10 days before its issue to entry.

Declaration form

You must fill a form to give a declaration on check that you are not going to sell or donate your pet.


To bring your cat, dog, or ferret into the United Kingdom, you must have it microchipped. This microchip has a 15 digit code. This chip should be ISO 11784/11785 compliant. If not, you must bring your own microchip reader. You can also check with the Border Inspection Post if they have the scanners for compliance checks. You can get this microchipping done by a vet or vet nurse.

If the microchip cannot be read, you have to rechip or revaccinate your pet.

Health requirements for pets to travel to the United Kingdom


Your pet must have its rabies vaccination before travel. To get this, it must be at least 52 weeks of age before the vaccination. You must also get your pet microchipped before or at the time of the rabies vaccination.

The first vaccination did after microchipping is called Primary Vaccination. If you are travelling from a Part1 or Part 2 listed country, you must wait for 21 days before travel. If you are from an Unlisted country, you must take a blood sample 30 days before the Anti-rabies vaccination. Send this blood sample to an EU- listed testing lab and get a success report.


Booster vaccinations

Your pet must have rabies boosters at least 3 months before travel. Your Pet Passport must show the record of all Booster Rabies Vaccination.


Tapeworm treatment for dogs

All dogs must take treatment against tapeworm to travel to the UK. This must be given at least 24-120 hours before the time of travel. If you refuse to comply, they may put your pet into quarantine.

Other animals

Ornamental fish, birds, rodents, and rabbits can enter with their health certificate into the UK and they have a 4-Month quarantine period.


Please understand that these Animal Health Rules are for the basic protection of your loved pet. If you cooperate and complete these mandatory checks on arrival, your pet’s travel to the United Kingdom will be a breeze. You can book with Southampton Airport Taxi online and let us know that you have a pet or pets in tow!

Southampton Airport Transfers Made Easy

Southampton Airport Transfers Made Easy

Southampton is not just a coastal city on the south coast of England. It is a bustling International Airport. About 31 non-stop flights depart from Southampton to popular destinations in 13 countries. Besides this, there are 9 domestic flights from here as well. This makes Southampton a prime Link Airport in England.

Nearly 2 million passengers use this airport terminal making it one of the busiest airports in the UK. Thousands of airport transfers happen here daily. Airport cabs or Private Hire vehicles and Hackney carriages throng here.

How to make your Airport transfer from Southampton easy, in all this chaos?

To do this, first, understand certain things about Southampton Airport.

Facts about Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport is 60.3 miles from Heathrow Airport. This is a good one hour away. From Bristol Airport, Southampton Airport terminal is still farther at 82.9 miles distance. From London’s Luton Airport, it is 92 miles away, taking 1.5 hrs driving time. So, wherever you wish to go, taking a pre-booked luxury vehicle is the best idea.

Even if you want to go to the city centre, at Southampton from the airport, it takes a good 10 minutes. The same is the time to reach the cruise terminal. But on busy days, this takes longer than expected.

What type of transport vehicles can you find at Southampton Airport?

At Southampton Airport, you can find 2 types of vehicles. One is the white Hackney carriages standing at the airport rank. The other is the Private Airport Transfer Vehicles in colours other than white. Rather than waiting for a Hackney carriage or hollering for it, travel in style and dignity in a private hire vehicle from Southampton Airport. Book it in advance and you will find it waiting just for you as you exit the airport entrance.


Why is a Private Transfer Vehicle best for your Southampton Airport Transfer?

First of all, the Southampton terminal is buzzing with Airport taxis and Hackney carriages. If you need a Hackney carriage, you must book in advance. Even Southampton Airport’s official taxi service takes bookings only. And most importantly, Southampton taxis are allowed to pick only pre-booked customers from the airport.

Why take the risk of being stranded in the airport without a vehicle?  Pre-ook your private transfer well beforehand at affordable prices and travel comfortably.

How to make your Southampton Airport Transfer easy?

Airport taxi transfers may sound tedious and expensive. But they are not when you opt for the right airport taxi from a reliable taxi company. Here is how a good taxi service can make your Southampton airport transfer easy.

Competitive price

Compare the airport taxi prices to that of Hackney carriages, the difference is marginal. Airport transfer companies offer competitive prices to satisfy customers. They even give you a quote upfront with transparency. You can pay through a credit card or debit card.

Friendly service

Airport transfer taxis offer excellent customer service using professional drivers and great travel plans. If you take a luxury vehicle, they even allot a Chauffeur who will serve you any time of the day.

Clean airport transfers

In these pandemic times, hygiene must be your priority. If you take any common Hackney carriage, how can you be sure that it is sanitised? They take dozens of transfers every day. But not private taxis. These vehicles are cleaned, sanitised and disinfected after each trip. With airport taxis, you have not only luxury but hygiene and safety too.

Extra amenities – child seat, complimentary water and WiFi

Complimentary water and WiFi are other facilities with no hidden extras. Airport taxi services have child seats and wheelchairs for the elderly with assisted travel service.

Online booking and Mobile App

Airport taxi services allow online booking even through their Mobile App. You get an instant email confirmation once booked. You also get an SMS once the cab nears your pick-up location.

No delays, no waiting

Airport taxi services check your flight times and send a taxi to pick you up on time.

Ideal for Business Events

If you are here for a business meeting, book a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes or a BMW. If you are travelling in a group, book an airport minibus at budget-friendly fares and avoid business trip stress.

Be it for your personal or business travel requirements, always book a cab from a reputed taxi company and make your Southampton transfer easy. Book a Southampton Airport Transfer service from My Chauffeur Hampshire today!

Top Reasons to Hire Taxis in Southampton

Top Reasons to Hire Taxis in Southampton

Southampton is a quaint little port town on the south coast of England and is always busy. Sotonians are proud of its historical connection with the HMS Titanic. Today, it is one of the busiest retail hubs of England.
This is why Southampton is always bustling with traffic. More the reason for you to hire a taxi when you are in the Southampton area

Why should you hire a taxi while you are in Southampton?

Heavy traffic

Southampton is adjacent to busy towns like Plymouth, Eastleigh, Brighton, Winchester, etc. People move in and out of Southampton for work. This port town is always busy with container and cargo movements. All this accounts for the heavy traffic in Southampton.

You wouldn’t want to be caught in a traffic jam while in Southampton, would you?

Avoid this heavy vehicular traffic with knowledgeable drivers. Just hire a private taxi in advance to make your journey simpler.

Airport transfers

Southampton has major ports and three major airports in its vicinity- the Southampton airport, Gatwick airport, and Heathrow airport. This means there are bound to be a lot of airport transfers within Hampshire county. This, in turn, implies that you are not going to get a taxi so easily if you try to stand on the road and flag it. Why get frustrated waiting endlessly for a cab to come? Book an Airport taxi beforehand and have a pleasant ride to the airport.

No more flagging Hackney carriages

Gone are the days when people used to stand on the road and hail a cab. You can find lots of Hackney carriages or black cabs in Hampshire county.  But you are not going to get one, so easy for sure. You would expect to get these Hackney carriages at the taxi ranks. Or flag them down the street. But remember, the taxi is available only if the orange sign is lit up. And that is highly unlikely in a busy city like  Southampton.

Quit trying to flag a Hackney carriage. Get a licensed taxi booked beforehand and travel in peace.

Save time

Flight journeys are always hectic with baggage and security checks, etc. Additionally, due to weather and the pandemic, the departure times of flights are unpredictable. It is always better to be at the airport well before your flight time. Save time by pre-booking an airport taxi. This will give you plenty of time at the airport.

Competitive Taxi prices

If you compare the prices of private hire taxis with public transport, they might seem steeper. But the privacy and individual space you get in a taxi are lacking in public transport.

Check out the offers on taxi transfers to get the most competitive prices. Look for an affordable taxi service with cheap quotes, but check their customer reviews first. Do not focus on cheap taxi prices alone. Instead, look for a taxi with a wide selection of vehicles and reliable services.

Advance booking

Planning your journey helps you avoid stress.  Booking a city taxi in advance these days is an effortless process. They take online bookings and give you an instant quote and immediate confirmations.

Online bookings and easy tracking

Taxis accept online bookings with secure payments and this is a blessing for you. Yes, with online bookings, you can track the vehicle in transit. You also get an SMS when the taxi is just 10 minutes away from you.

Advantages of private taxis

Clean vehicle

In today’s scenario, travelling in a clean vehicle is most important. All private taxis follow hygiene procedures and sanitise their vehicles after each trip. Travel worry-free in a private well-maintained taxi.

Professional drivers 

With private taxis, you can be assured of courteous service. The drivers are professional, polite, and well-mannered.

Safe travel

We hear a lot about assaults in taxis these days. Try to book taxis for a reliable taxi company to avoid such risks. They have well-maintained vehicles with professional drivers hired after due police verification.

Extra amenities

When it comes to the choice of taxi services, check out for extra amenities. Is the taxi service wheelchair accessible? Do they have GPS? Do they operate through a ride app?

Be it for everyday transport or for long-distance journeys, always book Southampton taxis in advance. Have a comfortable ride for a fantastic experience with lasting memories. Call the excellent customer support team at Southampton Airport Taxi for your next ride. We have a wide range of executive vehicles and we are licensed and approved by the local Southampton City Council.

9 Reasons to Use a Chauffeur Service in Southampton, UK

9 Reasons to Use a Chauffeur Service in Southampton, UK

After a long day at work with back-to-back meetings and discussions, you take the taxi. Who wouldn’t love to rest their feet on the plush seats and have a luxurious ride? Well, that’s what you get when you engage a luxury chauffeur service.
You can choose among the range of vehicles –  Rolls Royce or a Mercedes and you have a choice of luxury chauffeurs too.
Imagine riding in supreme comfort and luxury in a Mercedes with a chauffeur at your beck and call.

When you travel, ride with class. That is why you must opt for a chauffeur service for all your commuting needs. But is a chauffeur service really worth it? Let us take a look.

Why must you opt for Chauffeur Service?

“It is only a ride after all. Won’t a private vehicle do? Do I need a chauffeur?”

These are the questions that run across your mind.

Choose a professional chauffeur service for the following reasons.

Reflect your status

The way you travel reflects your status. Pick a luxury vehicle of your choice like Mercedes with a courteous chauffeur. This will reflect your business stature and impress your friends and office colleagues.

Be professional

A chauffeur is a person who symbolises efficiency. By choosing a chauffeured vehicle, you are conveying the message that you are truly professional. This statement means a lot to your business deals and perceptions about you.

Be punctual

With a private hire vehicle or your own drive, there is a chance of you being late but rarely does it happen with a chauffeured vehicle. Chauffeurs are known to arrive on time to pick you up as they know how to navigate busy roads and likewise when they drive you to the destination.

In Southampton, Telford Road, Tremona Road, and Bodley Road are busy roads. Your private hire drivers know how to cut across these busy roads and get you to your destination on time. That is why they ensure that you are never late for a meeting.

Smooth driving experience

With a chauffeur at the wheel, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride. No more tensions about driving or about the vehicle. A chauffeur is the best person to have behind the wheel. He has passed several driving assessments and is quite capable of handling any traffic cycles at peak times. He also acts as a tour guide and can show you around the beautiful cities. With classy chauffeur services, your ride is as smooth as silk.

Work even while in travel

Everyone seems to be working from anywhere these days, with their laptops and iPads. You too can work in peace, without any disturbance, even while travelling in a city taxi.

All you have to do is leave the driving to the chauffeur. You can concentrate on your work while your chauffeur takes you to your destination without delay.

Customer service

Executive vehicles go the extra mile in customer service. They have a dedicated app as a booking tool. This takes online bookings and sends a confirmation email. These licensed vehicles are wheelchair accessible and even have a wheelchair volunteer.  Extra amenities like  4G Wi-Fi and Phone Chargers make this private taxi more preferable.

Affordable taxi service

Many think Chauffeur companies charge a lot. But on the contrary, chauffeur services are easy on the pocket as they give an affordable price quote and have many offers on taxi transfers. Furthermore, taking a 5-8  passenger vehicle like a private taxi is most cost-effective when you are on a family holiday.

Reliable service

Chauffeur companies are known for their reliable services. They do not have driver shortages. They have 24×7 accessible vehicles and a team of chauffeurs at your service. Clean vehicles and Blue badge parking spaces are other added advantages.

Best for airport transfers

If you are boarding a flight at Southampton Airport, better start early and get to your destination with time in hand. You can do this by booking a good chauffeur service while checking the airline driving options.

Next, if you want to be picked up from Southampton airport,  do not book any ordinary airport taxi but go for chauffeur cars. Efficient chauffeur services have their luxury vehicle waiting for you just as you emerge from the flight. These chauffeur services book airport parking for their vehicles and leave them in dedicated parking bays.

For city transfers and airport collection at Southampton,  book with Southampton Airport Taxi.  Our chauffeur cars are also best for transport during weddings, sporting events, and family holidays, and business tours. Call us today for your luxury chauffeur driven ride!