For pet lovers, pets are family and who would dare to leave these loved ones behind while going on a trip? For pet lovers, even thinking of this is sacrilege.

But if you want to travel with your pet animal to the United Kingdom, you are most welcome but with some pet checks. Let us check out what entry requirements we have to adhere to, to carry our cutie pies along to the UK.

What are the conditions for pet travel to the United Kingdom?

First of all, your dear pet must arrive in the United Kingdom 5 days before or after you. Your travel must be through an approved route.

Before you travel, check with the transport companies if they accept your pet. Also, check with they need any documents like Pet Passport or Veterinary Health Certificate.

Country of departure

This decides what official travel documents you need to furnish for your pet. The countries are listed as Part 1 and Part 2. The European Union countries and some Unlisted Non-EU Countries like San Marino, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, etc.
Part 2 countries are the USA, UAE, Canada, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

Official travel documents for your pet- Pet Passport and Great Britain Pet Health Certificate

The first document you need is the Pet Passport. This is if you are travelling from a  Part 1 listed country like EU, Switzerland, Norway, etc. If your country of departure is Part 2 listed like the USA, UAE or the Russian Federation, you need a Great Britain Pet Health Certificate and not the Pet Passport. If you come from an Unlisted country, then too, you need this Certificate.

The second document is an Animal Health Certificate issued in Great Britain with a 4 monthly validity period

These documents must be original. If you are travelling from Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, these documents are not required.

For getting a Pets Passport, you need your pet’s ID proof, its primary vaccination records, and its rabies vaccination details. The passport must also include your pet’s Tapeworm Treatment details and rabies blood test results. Only if it fulfils all these entry requirements, the passport is valid.

For the Great Britain Pet Health Certificate, your pet must be in the country at least 10 days before its issue to entry.

Declaration form

You must fill a form to give a declaration on check that you are not going to sell or donate your pet.


To bring your cat, dog, or ferret into the United Kingdom, you must have it microchipped. This microchip has a 15 digit code. This chip should be ISO 11784/11785 compliant. If not, you must bring your own microchip reader. You can also check with the Border Inspection Post if they have the scanners for compliance checks. You can get this microchipping done by a vet or vet nurse.

If the microchip cannot be read, you have to rechip or revaccinate your pet.

Health requirements for pets to travel to the United Kingdom


Your pet must have its rabies vaccination before travel. To get this, it must be at least 52 weeks of age before the vaccination. You must also get your pet microchipped before or at the time of the rabies vaccination.

The first vaccination did after microchipping is called Primary Vaccination. If you are travelling from a Part1 or Part 2 listed country, you must wait for 21 days before travel. If you are from an Unlisted country, you must take a blood sample 30 days before the Anti-rabies vaccination. Send this blood sample to an EU- listed testing lab and get a success report.


Booster vaccinations

Your pet must have rabies boosters at least 3 months before travel. Your Pet Passport must show the record of all Booster Rabies Vaccination.


Tapeworm treatment for dogs

All dogs must take treatment against tapeworm to travel to the UK. This must be given at least 24-120 hours before the time of travel. If you refuse to comply, they may put your pet into quarantine.

Other animals

Ornamental fish, birds, rodents, and rabbits can enter with their health certificate into the UK and they have a 4-Month quarantine period.


Please understand that these Animal Health Rules are for the basic protection of your loved pet. If you cooperate and complete these mandatory checks on arrival, your pet’s travel to the United Kingdom will be a breeze. You can book with Southampton Airport Taxi online and let us know that you have a pet or pets in tow!