Southampton is not just a coastal city on the south coast of England. It is a bustling International Airport. About 31 non-stop flights depart from Southampton to popular destinations in 13 countries. Besides this, there are 9 domestic flights from here as well. This makes Southampton a prime Link Airport in England.

Nearly 2 million passengers use this airport terminal making it one of the busiest airports in the UK. Thousands of airport transfers happen here daily. Airport cabs or Private Hire vehicles and Hackney carriages throng here.

How to make your Airport transfer from Southampton easy, in all this chaos?

To do this, first, understand certain things about Southampton Airport.

Facts about Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport is 60.3 miles from Heathrow Airport. This is a good one hour away. From Bristol Airport, Southampton Airport terminal is still farther at 82.9 miles distance. From London’s Luton Airport, it is 92 miles away, taking 1.5 hrs driving time. So, wherever you wish to go, taking a pre-booked luxury vehicle is the best idea.

Even if you want to go to the city centre, at Southampton from the airport, it takes a good 10 minutes. The same is the time to reach the cruise terminal. But on busy days, this takes longer than expected.

What type of transport vehicles can you find at Southampton Airport?

At Southampton Airport, you can find 2 types of vehicles. One is the white Hackney carriages standing at the airport rank. The other is the Private Airport Transfer Vehicles in colours other than white. Rather than waiting for a Hackney carriage or hollering for it, travel in style and dignity in a private hire vehicle from Southampton Airport. Book it in advance and you will find it waiting just for you as you exit the airport entrance.


Why is a Private Transfer Vehicle best for your Southampton Airport Transfer?

First of all, the Southampton terminal is buzzing with Airport taxis and Hackney carriages. If you need a Hackney carriage, you must book in advance. Even Southampton Airport’s official taxi service takes bookings only. And most importantly, Southampton taxis are allowed to pick only pre-booked customers from the airport.

Why take the risk of being stranded in the airport without a vehicle?  Pre-ook your private transfer well beforehand at affordable prices and travel comfortably.

How to make your Southampton Airport Transfer easy?

Airport taxi transfers may sound tedious and expensive. But they are not when you opt for the right airport taxi from a reliable taxi company. Here is how a good taxi service can make your Southampton airport transfer easy.

Competitive price

Compare the airport taxi prices to that of Hackney carriages, the difference is marginal. Airport transfer companies offer competitive prices to satisfy customers. They even give you a quote upfront with transparency. You can pay through a credit card or debit card.

Friendly service

Airport transfer taxis offer excellent customer service using professional drivers and great travel plans. If you take a luxury vehicle, they even allot a Chauffeur who will serve you any time of the day.

Clean airport transfers

In these pandemic times, hygiene must be your priority. If you take any common Hackney carriage, how can you be sure that it is sanitised? They take dozens of transfers every day. But not private taxis. These vehicles are cleaned, sanitised and disinfected after each trip. With airport taxis, you have not only luxury but hygiene and safety too.

Extra amenities – child seat, complimentary water and WiFi

Complimentary water and WiFi are other facilities with no hidden extras. Airport taxi services have child seats and wheelchairs for the elderly with assisted travel service.

Online booking and Mobile App

Airport taxi services allow online booking even through their Mobile App. You get an instant email confirmation once booked. You also get an SMS once the cab nears your pick-up location.

No delays, no waiting

Airport taxi services check your flight times and send a taxi to pick you up on time.

Ideal for Business Events

If you are here for a business meeting, book a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes or a BMW. If you are travelling in a group, book an airport minibus at budget-friendly fares and avoid business trip stress.

Be it for your personal or business travel requirements, always book a cab from a reputed taxi company and make your Southampton transfer easy. Book a Southampton Airport Transfer service from My Chauffeur Hampshire today!