Southampton is a quaint little port town on the south coast of England and is always busy. Sotonians are proud of its historical connection with the HMS Titanic. Today, it is one of the busiest retail hubs of England.
This is why Southampton is always bustling with traffic. More the reason for you to hire a taxi when you are in the Southampton area

Why should you hire a taxi while you are in Southampton?

Heavy traffic

Southampton is adjacent to busy towns like Plymouth, Eastleigh, Brighton, Winchester, etc. People move in and out of Southampton for work. This port town is always busy with container and cargo movements. All this accounts for the heavy traffic in Southampton.

You wouldn’t want to be caught in a traffic jam while in Southampton, would you?

Avoid this heavy vehicular traffic with knowledgeable drivers. Just hire a private taxi in advance to make your journey simpler.

Airport transfers

Southampton has major ports and three major airports in its vicinity- the Southampton airport, Gatwick airport, and Heathrow airport. This means there are bound to be a lot of airport transfers within Hampshire county. This, in turn, implies that you are not going to get a taxi so easily if you try to stand on the road and flag it. Why get frustrated waiting endlessly for a cab to come? Book an Airport taxi beforehand and have a pleasant ride to the airport.

No more flagging Hackney carriages

Gone are the days when people used to stand on the road and hail a cab. You can find lots of Hackney carriages or black cabs in Hampshire county.  But you are not going to get one, so easy for sure. You would expect to get these Hackney carriages at the taxi ranks. Or flag them down the street. But remember, the taxi is available only if the orange sign is lit up. And that is highly unlikely in a busy city like  Southampton.

Quit trying to flag a Hackney carriage. Get a licensed taxi booked beforehand and travel in peace.

Save time

Flight journeys are always hectic with baggage and security checks, etc. Additionally, due to weather and the pandemic, the departure times of flights are unpredictable. It is always better to be at the airport well before your flight time. Save time by pre-booking an airport taxi. This will give you plenty of time at the airport.

Competitive Taxi prices

If you compare the prices of private hire taxis with public transport, they might seem steeper. But the privacy and individual space you get in a taxi are lacking in public transport.

Check out the offers on taxi transfers to get the most competitive prices. Look for an affordable taxi service with cheap quotes, but check their customer reviews first. Do not focus on cheap taxi prices alone. Instead, look for a taxi with a wide selection of vehicles and reliable services.

Advance booking

Planning your journey helps you avoid stress.  Booking a city taxi in advance these days is an effortless process. They take online bookings and give you an instant quote and immediate confirmations.

Online bookings and easy tracking

Taxis accept online bookings with secure payments and this is a blessing for you. Yes, with online bookings, you can track the vehicle in transit. You also get an SMS when the taxi is just 10 minutes away from you.

Advantages of private taxis

Clean vehicle

In today’s scenario, travelling in a clean vehicle is most important. All private taxis follow hygiene procedures and sanitise their vehicles after each trip. Travel worry-free in a private well-maintained taxi.

Professional drivers 

With private taxis, you can be assured of courteous service. The drivers are professional, polite, and well-mannered.

Safe travel

We hear a lot about assaults in taxis these days. Try to book taxis for a reliable taxi company to avoid such risks. They have well-maintained vehicles with professional drivers hired after due police verification.

Extra amenities

When it comes to the choice of taxi services, check out for extra amenities. Is the taxi service wheelchair accessible? Do they have GPS? Do they operate through a ride app?

Be it for everyday transport or for long-distance journeys, always book Southampton taxis in advance. Have a comfortable ride for a fantastic experience with lasting memories. Call the excellent customer support team at Southampton Airport Taxi for your next ride. We have a wide range of executive vehicles and we are licensed and approved by the local Southampton City Council.