Taxi from Southampton to Luton Airport

Need a reliable and fast source of transportation from Southampton (SO19) to Luton Airport, London (LU2 9QT)? My Chauffeur Hampshire is the best Southampton taxi service to book for such long-distance trips. Order your cab from My Chauffeur Hampshire right now or make a reservation for your journey from Southampton (SO19) to Luton Airport (LU2 9QT).

What’s the better option for travelling from Southampton to Luton Airport: Taxi vs. Train

There are only two major ways to travel to Luton Airport (LU2 9QT) from Southampton: train and taxi. Many people travel to Luton Airport (LU2 9QT) from Southampton through trains because it’s cheaper, but what many people don’t realise is that travelling through a train ends up taking a lot more time than a taxi.

 The Journey from Southampton (SO19) to Luton Airport (LU2 9QT) in London (E1) by cab/taxi will only take 1 hour 35 minutes. In contrast, a train will take 3 hours to reach Luton Airport (LU2 9QT). Apart from the massive difference in time, a train is also uncomfortable and loaded with dozens of unknown strangers, which can be a bit threatening for your safety.

When travelling with family and kids, a taxi is the best option because you can travel comfortably and safely without worrying about your luggage and money. A taxi service won’t even charge you money per passenger, so it might end up costing you less to travel in the comfort of a private taxi than a train.

Therefore private taxi services like My Chauffeur Hampshire are the best way to travel from Southampton (SO19) to Luton Airport (LU2 9QT) because;

  • It’s faster
  • Safer and more comfortable
  • convenient for more people
  • No surcharge per person

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